Easy Makeup for Beginners!

Hey y’all!

It’s PROM time so I decided to go for an easy but still gorgeous makeup look with my favourite products!

First of all, I used my POREfessional primer by benefit cosmetics which is absolutely the BEST primer I’ve ever tried because it minimizes pores and makes makeup last longer. Unfortunately this product is a bit expensive so, I use it just for very special occasion.

For eyebrows I used the Brow Powder Duo from Anastasia Beverly Hills which, again, is a bit expensive if you consider that there are 0,8g for both of the colours but, it gives you very natural looking eyebrows so that’s good.

Now it’s time for eyeshadow. That’s the part I prefer the most because I always try different colors, glitter, eyeliner and eyelashes too. This time I went for different shades of browns and gold glitters! I’ve used two different palettes:

Here are the steps:

  1. Take a piece of paper or something with smooth sides and place it from a bit under the outer corner of the eye you’re gonna do first to few millimiters from the end of your eyebrow
  2. With an eye contour brush, take “Chaser” from the Urban Decay palette and use it as a transition shade (put it on the outer corner and above the crease)
  3. Now take “Sauced” (from Heat)and do the same thing with a medium eyeshadow brush
  4. Then, with the contoured blending brush take “Icon” from the Venus palette and put it on the corner. It will add more definition
  5. Use a blender brush and make sure to blend the colors
  6. With a stamp brush,take the first shade we used and put it on the lid
  7. Repeat the step n°5
  8. It’s finally time for glitters! I’ve used the metal shock 01 from Essence Cosmetics. Put it from the inner corner to the middle of the lid
  9. Last step but not least, take Chaser again and blend where the glitter finish in order to create a shadow effect
  10. You can now remove the piece of paper from your eyes and you’ll see a perfect line

I don’t use eyeliner so the next step is Foundation. Once you’ve applied it, you should powder it up with any kind of powder you like (banana powder, loose powder, compact powder and so on!). Then you are ready to contour!! I’ve used the Debby Terra sunEXPERIENCE which is really good for its price (between 2,00/3,00 euros). If you like you can use an highlighter to complete the make up. I’ve used “Aura” from The Venus palette. Now fix everything with a spray fixer or with hair spray(if you don’t have fixers).
It’s time for lips!! I’ve used the Lime Crime Matte red velvet which is absolutely amazing!
You may have noticed that I love LIME CRIME 😀
Last step! Put your lashes on or use the best mascara you own to complete the look and then you’re ready to go!
Here are some of the products that I’ve used. If you want the picture of the finish look let me know!

Here you can find the brushes!
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